What Is Your Magic?

Marketing.  It’s my field — my chosen occupation. But … what does that mean, to me?  

A new friend recently asked me what part of “marketing” I love the most.  I answered with a standard answer; however, after our chat, I started considering the question.  

Why do I love my chosen field? What are the parts that give me joy? What is my “magic”?

The answer is this …

It’s not about marketing, not in the traditional sense of the word.  

What brings me true delight is encouraging and promoting the people & products I believe in. Working with the people in an organization to realize and reach for their full potential — to discover their “magic” and providing high-quality materials for projects to be

I love working with someone who is right on the cusp of amazing as well as those who have started a path to excellence but are losing their drive. I want to be their sounding board, their encouragement and at times, their voice of reason.  I want to help them work through a “no” and find ways to the “yes”.  

I want to be their go to person for connections and introductions, a listening ear, words of encouragement, advice, examples, possible paths or simply another perspective. 

And then … I love to watch them bloom.

Yes, I can help you with marketing (pretty much every aspect of it) — but how about we dig deeper.  

How about we make this personal.  

A product is great; however, I believe long lasting, successful marketing strategies are personal.  We want to know about the people behind the business or brand or non-profit.  We want a personal connection.  We want to be your biggest fan, give us the opportunity. 

For the organizations I choose to promote, I AM their biggest fan and this is because I have taken the time to know the people … because, for me, it is personal. 

My belief in STEP2 is personal.  I believe in our cause but more importantly, I believe in the people who put in the hard work to create lasting change in our community. 

I’m building Opportunity Nevada and Hungry in Reno as avenues to promote the people behind the businesses in the state and town I grew up in.  Because … it’s personal.

For those that I take on as clients … it will always be personal.

I am honored to use the skills and expertise I have cultivated throughout the years to provide opportunities for these companies and brands to be found so that many more people and organizations can see how wonderful they are and become their fan!

This, to me, is magical and brings me true joy.

Consider this question … what is your “magic”?