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Cliche maybe but truly, it all started with food.

One night, I was up late and thought, I need a place for all my food pics. I’ll just create a new IG and then if anyone wants to see the food, they can follow.

Right off the bat I knew I would use “Hungry in Reno” and hallelujah the handle was available!

No research. No big epiphany. Just did it.

In my search for the best picture to post as my first, I knew I wanted to give a shout out to one of the most decadent desserts in Reno: the caramel budino from Campo.

I found this picture:

And posted it, crediting @renaefrances. Little did I know, she was also the founder of @hungryinVegas!

Then, my very good friends, @kyrobiz and @laurenyurick did a couple #hungrytakeovers while on lovely adventures.

… and Hungry in Reno began a life of its own.

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